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Second Journeys begin when the life you’ve envisioned isn’t working as you had planned or hoped.  The failing of a significant relationship, challenges with depression and anxiety, an unexpected curve, significant grief, the loss of meaning or purpose.  These are the moments that can cradle fear; and yet also lead us to search for hope.  Second Journeys invite us to deeper courage that can give way to new wisdom, meaningful change, and a clearer understanding of who we are.


At Second Journey we believe counseling is a way to enrich your life and relationships by addressing personal concerns and hopes in the company of a caring professional.  We believe that everyone’s life is a meaningful story shaped by joys and heartaches and worthy of a thoughtful read and shared reflection.  Foundational to our work is the conviction that relationships, with God and others, are most deeply at the heart of healing and change, and that our adversities are often the birthplace of our most meaningful personal growth.


The counselors at Second Journey have unique professional experiences and gifts, while sharing a common faith in their Christian beliefs.  We seek to be thoughtful of our faith in assisting others in growth and change, yet respectful of each individual’s beliefs and desire to explore this aspect of their personal journey.  It is our conviction that matters of faith, when addressed, are best done in a relational environment of safety, respect, and the freedom to question.


You are welcome to contact us to learn more about who we are, our professional experience, and how we can support your growth.   It is important that you connect with a counselor with whom you are comfortable and can trust as your own ability to be vulnerable and committed to the counseling process is a key element in your own personal growth and change.


We look forward to hearing from you.  


Nancy & Kent





Phone: 515-727-1667

Fax: 515-727-1601


Foxboro Square - Regus Offices

6165 NW 86th Street

Johnston, Iowa   50131



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